Spotlight on Mediator Winter Wheeler

As a neutral at Miles Mediation & Arbitration, Winter Wheeler has an unseen superpower – the ability to see you. Exceptional lawyers know that facts matter, exceptional neutrals know that people matter more. That is the foundation of Winter’s mediation and arbitration practice and has been the bedrock of her legal career. Winter’s secret weapon is a sharp mind that makes keen observations to quickly assess challenges and provide the kind of closure that is both fair and emotionally satisfying to all those involved. She is the quiet star of the well regarded Miles Mediation & Arbitration panel of neutrals.


An African-American native of Miami, Florida, Winter grew up in a multicultural family and community and attended an international middle and high school. As a result, Winter is well-versed in various cultural norms and also learned to speak Spanish fluently. She also attended Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service as well as Madrid’s Universidad Complutense, both allowing her to benefit from exposure to multiple cultural perspectives. 


As a result, Winter operates under the premise that language and culture matter immensely. She listens carefully to the words the parties to a dispute are using to help her get to the root of a resolution that would satisfy all parties.  “Some people connect the amount offered in a settlement with an emotion. They will perceive an offer as an insult at times because they have no background in how or why the offer is “low”. My role is to listen to the words, understand the feelings and often educate to help both sides achieve an emotional resolution along with the overall dispute resolution.”


Winter is a full time neutral specializing in wrongful death, catastrophic injury, personal injury, premises liability, nursing home, legal malpractice, medical malpractice, products liability, toxic torts, automotive and trucking liability, civil rights, false imprisonment, municipal liability, water runoff, construction defect, contracts, and entertainment.  


Winter’s enthusiasm for mediation began in Florida at the very beginning of her legal career, upon graduation from Tulane Law School. Florida’s mandatory mediation rules dictated she litigate her cases with an eye toward both trial and alternative dispute resolution simultaneously. It required approaching opposing counsel with a  “win-win” mindset that sees people, and not just cases. Over the years she would develop her emotional intelligence along with her legal acumen to offer her highest value to her clients.  


As an 11-year resident of Atlanta, Winter spends her free time immersed in its rich live music scene, dancing to the tunes of her favorite band Electric Avenue, an 80’s Synth Pop Tribute band that happens to count her husband as one of its members. 


Known for her compassion and genuine interest in people, Winter is best described as a beacon of light who acts as a champion of justice, giving a voice to those who might otherwise go unheard.