Miles Mediation & Arbitration Announces Virtual ADR Webinar Series

Join Miles Mediation & Arbitration and featured panelists for weekly webinars on Virtual ADR. Over the next month, tune in to these timely and informative webinars for practical tips and strategies on how to move cases forward during this ever-changing time. 






Past Webinars



Savannah-based neutrals Sally Akins, Roy Paul, Christopher Smith, and attorney Sarah Lamar of HunterMaclean will discuss key business and legal issues to consider in the future, including tort issues, worker’s compensation, and insurance issues.



Virtual Arbitration: Practical Advice on Moving Forward in the Current Environment


Arbitrators Jennifer Grippa and Matt Thiry provide an overview of how to proceed with arbitration matters virtually, including conducting a virtual hearing, through the use of video conferencing technology. Learn how to use innovative technology and online platforms to share exhibits, examine witnesses, and present evidence in a digital space.



Ready Camera One: Remote Depositions and Mediation in the Time of Social Distancing


Attorneys of Freeman Mathis & Gary and neutrals of Miles Mediation & Arbitration provide an overview of how to move cases forward through mediations and depositions using video conferencing technology.



Force Majeure in a Pandemic. Litigation or Project Management


With many lawyers anticipating a tidal wave of litigation arising out of the pandemic, force majeure clauses are front and centre of many businesses`focus. Hear from a national panel comprised of Brie Buchanan, Associate General Counsel at Neenah, Sloan Perras, General Counsel at Foss Marine, and experienced neutrals Joe Murphey and Nigel Wright– in this pre-recorded webinar 




Navigating the World of Virtual Mediation and Arbitration: 25 Actionable Tips


In this 45-minute webinar, Miles Mediation & Arbitration addresses questions and issues concerning virtual mediations and ADR engagements.
Presenters Bianca Motley Broom, Nigel Wright, Parag Shah, and Steve Dunn share practical tips and real-life examples of what to do and what not to do when mediating and arbitrating in a virtual setting.




The Pandemic and Your Practice


On March 30, 2020, Joe Murphey, Winter Wheeler, Parag Shah, and Greg Parent shared survey results about the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on the legal profession. This webinar explores how virtual alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can help mitigate the worst effects of the crisis.