Hon. R. Keegan Federal, Jr., Esq.

Hon. R. Keegan Federal, Jr., Esq.


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Judge Keegan Federal is a seasoned specialist in resolving complex legal controversies involving a wide variety of issues. He has been an experienced courtroom lawyer representing parties in high-profile disputes involving catastrophic injury and wrongful death claims, premises liability and private security issues, contract actions and business disputes, employment discrimination and harassment cases, consumer fraud claims, class actions, divorce cases, and more.  He understands trial strategy and tactics, and the economics of litigation, from both the plaintiff’s and the defendant’s perspectives.

Judge Federal was admitted to practice at age 22, and elected to the Superior Court at age 33. His years as a trial lawyer plus the judgeship experience provided him with an in-depth knowledge of the challenges faced by lawyers seeking justice and a fair resolution for their clients, and the risks inherent in litigation, thus enabling him to be extremely effective in evaluating parties’ competing positions, and guiding them to an ultimate fair disposition. Judge Federal’s knowledge and experience is a valuable advantage for the positive resolution of routine-to-complex legal matters. Judge Federal is highly regarded among his peers as a practical, effective, and efficient arbitrator and mediator. 

In addition, the Judge is frequently retained by other judges and lawyers to preside over disputes as a Court-appointed Special Master. As such, he has held hearings, monitored depositions and discovery disputes, and ruled on a variety of pre-trial issues in class actions, commercial real estate disputes, contested estate claims, and high-dollar divorce cases, thereby relieving the presiding judges of the excessive time commitments such cases require, and providing the lawyers with immediate attention and prompt responses to their disputes. He has been mediating and arbitrating cases for other lawyers as an adjunct to his law practice since leaving the bench in 1984 and was a founding member of the JAMS Atlanta offices in 1991. Judge Federal affiliated his ADR practice with the award-winning  Miles Mediation and Arbitration Services in 2015.